Monday, September 14, 2009

sheep catechism

one of the things i want my boys to know is WHO THEY ARE. i want them to understand their identity from a christian perspective: they are "little" men, made in God's image and the framework of their life is to love God and love people. i also want them to know that they are my sons and that i will love them no matter what.

just a quick glimpse into the way that i try to incorporate this into life with small children:

1) the sheep catechism
"is david a sheep" baaaa!!!! no!
"is david a horse" neigh! no!
"is david a dog" woof! no!
"is david a....."!!.......
"david is a little man, made is God's image!" (with hands held high)

this one is fun for the 1 year old stage when they are learning animal noises.

2) the son question

me: "why does daddy love david, (or you)? because david (or you) are daddy's....."
boy: "son!"

this one is fun at any age and seems to only get better as the kids get better. goes good with a tackle. (i have two boys! :)

3) greatest command

jesus says that the one greatest command in the ancient jewish scriptures is "to love Yahweh your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength," AND "to love your neighbor as yourself." i pray out loud for my boys often that they will center their lives around jesus and his summary of the scriptures.

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